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Capital MegaFon since August, will increase the price of mobile Internet and calls on the majority of tariffs

Capital MegaFon changes the cost of calls on a number of fronts to subscribers in more than 30 of its tariff plans – current and archival. On average prices will increase by 25-80%, however, for some items, the price increase will be tenfold.

In particular, it will change the cost of outgoing long-distance calls to other operators within the internal network, international calls in all directions, calls to corporate subscribers when roaming outside of your home region.

Higher prices for a range of tariffs will follow also on 20 August, 2 September and 21 September. In total, the changes will affect 62 tariff for subscribers – physical persons, including roaming “Around the world”. The size increases in some cases ranges from 10% to 10 times.

According to the analyst of Raiffeisenbank Sergey Libin, the price increase on archival rates can be explained by the desire of “MegaFon” transfer of subscribers to bundled offers.

“Even considering the fact that the price per minute of conversations in archival rates are higher due to the more intensive consumption of Internet traffic, the client, the use of “package”, more profitable. In addition, according to statistics, the subscriber, using package, less inclined to change the operator. It is a kind of protection against loss of customer” – said to “Interfax” Libin.

Also published on the website of MegaFon messages should that from August 14, 2015 1 MB of mobile Internet tariff for modems, tablets, routers and GPS navigation system, MegaFon online will cost 2.5 RUB RUB against 1.9 now. The user rate can connect tariff options that reduce the cost of a megabyte of data, but initially, when the subscriber, the Internet is charged exactly at the basic rate.

On July 27 the operator has increased the cost of calls, SMS messages (both 2 times) and Internet services (up to 19 rubles from 9.9 rubles per 1 MB) roaming in the rate of “Around the world”.

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