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Canadians have unveiled a prototype flexible smartphone of the future [video]

Modern technologies allow to fit the gadgets into a shell the size of a matchbox, however, a serious obstacle to further miniaturization is the screen and body materials. Researchers from Human Media Lab at Queen’s University in Kingston demonstrated a prototype flexible smartphone that is controlled by bending the screen or standard screen input. In the video, the developers bend apparatus for turning pages of an electronic book and playing Angry Birds.

A device called ReFlex runs on the operating system Android 4.4 and is equipped with a flexible OLED-screen diagonal of 6 inches. Behind the screen there are sensors that determine the force of bending smartphone. The display is impossible to bend the phone, but engineers don’t pursue such a goal.

The sensors respond to bending of the screen that allows you to interact in a way with the software interface. The developers believe that the mass production of such gadgets will begin within five years.

Manufacturing technology of smartphones requires a flexible rubber body, flexible display, as well as a completely new type of batteries, circuit boards and other internal components, which can withstand without damage the mechanical stresses arising from deformation.

At the beginning of last year, the Bureau of patents and trademark office gave Apple a patent for a flexible electronic device using built-in sensors that allows to control the user interface and multimedia content by the method of bending and twisting of the gadget.

About when on the market can receive the iPhone, made by the new “flexible” technology, Apple does not specify. In 2014, the California giant has opened a vacancy for the position of lead engineer on displays, with experience in the field of advanced technology, AMOLED and flexible screens. Job description reflects an interest of the company in the creation of mobile devices with displays that can change its shape without damage to health.

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