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Can this be iPhone 8 with edge-to-edge display and no Home button

Although Apple in September released iPhone 7, creative minds are already looking further. Designers from project iDropnews demonstrated the vision of the next Apple smartphone, the presentation of which will take place in 2017.

The proposed concept assumes that the iPhone 8 will be applied to OLED-display, as repeatedly reported network sources. While experts believe the next iPhone will be able to offer frameless design. In his concept the designers decided to do without the frames and stretched the smartphone’s screen almost the entire front panel. Get the gadget without a physical Home button, but with the additional interface features of a conceptual iOS 10.

iPhone 7 (left) and concept 8 (right)

According to the creators of the concept, Apple will abandon the home button in favor of touch-sensitive surface with built-in fingerprint scanner. The device retains the ergonomics of the current models due to the fact that the casing is left in the same size – increased display.

The concept looks pretty interesting, but, of course, does not claim to authenticity. And Apple certainly has their own ideas about the design.

In any case, the official show of the iPhone 8 is not expected until September 2017.

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