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Can the Xiaomi Mi 6 to compete with the iPhone 7?

This week Xiaomi unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the Mi 6, which will cost $360. The device attracts attention with top technical characteristics and very low price tag. Can the new “Chinese Apple” will compete with the iPhone 7?

The launch of the Xiaomi Mi 6 was pretty spontaneous: it was assumed that at the end of winter the novelty will bring to Barcelona for the MWC 2017, but plans have changed. Most likely, the transfer of the presentation is that Xiaomi faced a shortage of Snapdragon processors 835 — they were bought by Samsung for Galaxy S8.

In the end, the Chinese announced the premiere of Mi 6, just a week before the event. By this time the Network had all the characteristics of the future flagship, so the surprise fell through. However, this is not a tragedy: the leak has long been perceived as the most effective tool in order to warm up interest to the expected device.

This is what happened today. News about the next flagship of Xiaomi appeared every day and automatically put buyers before a choice: to take an expensive smartphone (Galaxy S8 / iPhone 7 Plus) or wait till the presentation 6 Mi and possibly save a few hundred dollars.

The main “chips”

Creating a Xiaomi Mi 6, the Chinese were faced with three tasks. The first is to keep up with the trends set by Apple and Samsung. Second — to save his own face. The third is to keep an attractive price tag on the brink of dumping.

After the presentation, we can safely say: Yes, Xiaomi managed. Mi 6 — very promising product, not so much because of the price, but because of the fact that the smartphone is practically without weaknesses.

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Case design combines the features of the iPhone (the bottom end), Galaxy S8 (shimmering back cover) and Xiaomi: the appearance of Mi 6 is not much different from last year Mi5. The only caveat — 3D glass on all four sides: before it was rounded only at the sides.

The frame around the screen is preserved — they are huge by the standards of the Galaxy S8, but tiny when compared with the iPhone 7. The right thing to call them in optimal appearance they do not spoil and accidental touches should not be.

By the way, the screen there is a 5.15-inch Full HD resolution. Nothing unusual: to put a QHD display would be pointless and terms of use (zero benefits) and a cost point of view (it would be seriously increased).

Greetings from Apple

The main complaint about the design format dual camera. Apple wisely combined the two modules into a single lens, and the Chinese have done it differently and decorated back panel is quite specific “eyes”.

While the camera issues no: Xiaomi Mi 6 received the unit from Sony with optical zoom (2x), 4-axis optical stabilization, dual flash and video recording in 4K.

There is also a mode to blur the background — again, as in the iPhone 7. Given that the previous flagship Xiaomi (Mi5), the camera as a whole was mediocre, obvious a significant step forward.

On-camera greetings from Apple is not over. First, Xiaomi Mi 6 two external speaker in the iPhone 7, and again, this is progress compared to Mi5, where the sound was flat and quiet. Secondly, Xiaomi broke up with a 3.5 mm connector to protect from splashes. Controversial victim, especially considering the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S8 combined with classic hole, and water resistant case.

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What are the positives?

The main advantage Xiaomi Mi 6 – the price. The most affordable 64-Gigabyte version will cost $ 360 (20 500 rubles). The second modification has 128GB on Board and costs $ 420 (23 500 rubles).

There is a third version of the smartphone — Mi 6 Ceramic, is equipped with a durable ceramic body (8 points on the Mohs scale) and a gold bezel of the camera lens (18 CT.) The premium gadget asking $ 435 or 24 500 rubles. Inside there is, of course, 128 GB of internal memory.

For the money, Xiaomi simply no competitors, because the Chinese have established their flagship Snapdragon 835 (the most powerful and energy efficient CPUs in the family), 6 GB of RAM and the battery is 3350 mAh battery with support for fast charging.

In practice, this means that Mi 6 a couple of years (at least) will be able to “fly” in all applications without overheating and lockups. Battery was also very simple: one and a half days with average load, day — in intensive, full charge in little over an hour. It is important that 15-20 minutes can provide Mi 6 energy, which is enough for 5-6 hours of work.

And if Galaxy S8 is also able to feed quickly, then the iPhone 7 (and especially 7 Plus) for the same 15 minutes will gain a maximum of 10-12% of battery capacity. Accordingly, before the release of iPhone 8 Apple is unable to compete with Xiaomi on this parameter.

The start of sales

The start of sales of the Mi 6 is scheduled for April 28. While the 25th will be the first ever presentation of Xiaomi in Moscow, where with high probability it will show just 6 Mi. It is naive to think that in Russia, the phone will sell at face value over 20-25 thousand — rather, at the start is to wait for price tags to 30-35 thousand. But there is a very good chance that the smartphone will come to us faster than in previous years. In any case, the excitement wears off around the middle of the summer, and the price drops to reasonable values.

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Replace if the iPhone 7?

Buying a machine from Xiaomi, saving is not scary — it is a true flagship without obvious flaws. To the delight of shoppers, the Chinese continue to practise a policy of murderous prices when the unit is sold slightly more expensive cost.

Xiaomi Mi 6 is the case when Chinese smartphone is still inferior to devices from Apple and Samsung. The iPhone has a more refined interface and platform, and Samsung excellent screen and original design, although from the point of view of practicality, the flagship of Xiaomi is at the level of devices for 600-800 dollars.

If you go back in the price category Xiaomi Mi 6, then there competitors are all very dull: representatives Meizu, Huawei and other Chinese are much weaker characteristics.

However, in one Xiaomi still disappointed. Along with Mi 6 expected premiere Mi 6 Plus with a battery at 4500 mAh, but for unknown reasons did not take place. It is likely that Xiaomi will release this gadget later, without special events.

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