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Can the iPad with new hardware and software chip to replace the computer?

The performance tests show that the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, equipped with A10X Fusion processor and coprocessor M10, bypasses performance MacBook Pro. And the new features in iOS 11 allow you to work with the device as on the desktop. Apple claims that the tablet can completely ignore the users computer. Whether so it actually?

Previously, for most users, the problem was in the software. The fact that Apple came with exactly the same operating system as the iPhone. In the last generation OS, the company has begun to introduce new features exclusively for the iPad. So, in iOS 9 new multitasking features — Split View for the simultaneous use of two apps, Slide Over to view running programs and working with them in the sidebar.

Fresh iOS 11 offers even more innovations for tablets. A thorough update for the iPad was a new dock available on the screen with just a swipe. It fits more applications, including programs with which you worked (including other devices). The Files app allows you to organize documents, and the new multitasking simplifies interaction with multiple applications. Completes parade of software innovations drag and drop feature – almost like on a PC.

On the hardware side, the new iPad Pro also has something to boast about. Impressive display with a refresh rate up to 120 GHz, with incredible performance with processor A10X Fusion, fast fingerprint scanner, enhanced support for Apple Pencil. iOS 11 is a digital pen for the iPad Pro is more versatile and convenient tool.

With new hardware and software capabilities of the iPad Pro has everything in order to replace the traditional computer. Talking about tablet Apple CEO Tim cook expressed confidence in the fact that many users can switch from laptop to tablet. “I started to use them, they’ll realize that’s all they need. Well, maybe a smartphone,” he said.

In most scenarios, the new iPad Pro is not inferior to the laptops, and in some aspects even superior. In particular, the tablet is much more compact and has the ability to insert a SIM card and get to work, simply flip the case. Without thinking, whether there are nearby Wi-Fi or to get out of the pocket smartphone, to set modem mode.

Now iPad does not need the support of professional software such as Final Cut or Logic Pro. Still Apple should think about a more comfortable the keyboard — perhaps to make it according to the example of Apple laptops.

What do you think, does the new iPad Pro with iOS 11 to completely replace the PC?

Can the iPad replace a laptop/computer?

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