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Can iPhone 8 cost 100 000?

This year Apple will impress users not only design, but also price next-generation iPhone. Can iPhone 8 cost $1200-1400, how to write close to the company sources?

The closer the autumn conference of the Apple, the more reports that during the event will show three new iPhone: two “ordinary” model and one premium. A basic pair of gadgets will be the standard names of iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, but the exclusive model has issues: iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Pro or iPhone just — one-of-a-kind.

Normal iPhone 7s will be out in an already classic design and will cost between 600-650 dollars is a typical price for the new Apple smartphones. But the cost of the premium gadget will surprise the world. The network runs several assumptions about the price of the future flagship Apple, but all experts agree in opinion that the unit will cost not less than $ 1000.

Daring Fireball journalist John Gruber is confident that the new product will be called “iPhone Pro” and will go on sale at a price substantially higher than expected. According to him, the basic version of the novelty can be purchased for $ 1200, and a more advanced version for 1300-1400 dollars. In the Russian reality the cost of the device will start with 80-85 thousand rubles and will reach 100 thousand in the maximum configuration.

The audacity, greed, greed? Do not rush to blame Apple. California giant acts in accordance with the logic that dictates the market.

It is obvious that Chinese manufacturers have lowered the average price tag of the smartphone, so Apple could choose the same course: to cut costs, save on materials and to produce a model for 450-500 dollars. But it goes against all the rules of the company.

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So Apple can set a price that at first, all are shocked, but do not push me away from buying. This tactic is brilliant: jubilee iPhone will be distanced from Xiaomi and even Samsung with their Galaxy S8. So 1200 dollars is a suitable amount to the Apple smartphone was again branding, but relatively affordable thing.

In addition to the excellent positioning Tim cook will benefit in many aspects. First, in a luxury smartphone, you can implement all what so long dreamed of Jonathan Ive from indestructible sapphire glass to an OLED screen, support VR and wireless charging. In addition, the Apple hierarchy appears in smartphones. Previously, it was quite conventional: either at the time (new — old iPhone), or in the context of memory (16/64/128 GB and so on), or solely on the size of the screen (4/4,7/5,5 inch).

Now you can say: Yes, iPhone 8 for $1200-1400 by far more prestigious than the classic iPhone 7s. This separation has long and successfully operates in laptops (MacBook Air/MacBook Pro/MacBook normal) and tablets (iPad Air/ iPad Pro and iPad 2017), so worry about the fate of the iPhone 7s is not: it will find its audience just as quickly as the tiny iPhone SE in 2016.

The fate of jubilee iPhone to be desirable and scarce hit. The last time with a smartphone, this happened in 2010 when the iPhone 4 arrived on the shelves of the tiny parties. In Russia, it was absolute madness: for several weeks in the social network “Vkontakte” hung sale ads unlocked iPhone. Prices start from 90 000 rubles, and around 120 000, and the sellers had to respond to calls and messages.

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This year you can expect something like this. $1200 is the minimum price of the new iPhone, the older version may cost $1300-1400. For the impatient Russian buyers this coerces to the exorbitant amount of 150-200 thousand rubles, and the speculators are bound to be customers — including those who take this credit.

But Apple is unlikely to care about the problems of Russian users. The primary task is to release the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone this gadget to the smartphones with the Apple on the back panel again said with a gasp. Very soon the question “Wow! You have a new iPhone?” it will sound the same as seven years ago. With surprise, admiration and ill-concealed envy.

How much are you willing to pay for iPhone 8/Pro/Edition?

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