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Can iPad replace computer? 5 new features in iOS 11, optimized specifically for tablets

A week ago, Apple introduced a new version of proprietary software platform iOS 11. The update contains several new features designed specifically for tablets. In Cupertino still believe that the iPad can replace a regular computer, and the innovations in iOS 11 are designed to dispel any doubts.

1. The Files

The new app “Files” allows you to search, browse, and sort the files on the tablet. For ease of use there is a special section that shows the latest files. The app is not limited to the content that is stored on the wearable device, but has access to the data on other iOS devices and cloud services – iCloud, Box and Dropbox.

2. New dock

The user can now add icons to dock bar for quick access to desired applications. In addition, it will be available from any screen that will ease switching between programs. Also here will be displayed the recently running apps and the ones that were used on the iPhone or Mac using Handoff feature.

3. Drag and drop

Drag and drop feature iOS 11 enables you to move text, pictures and other files from one app to another on iPad. According to the company, it was designed for large displays with multi-touch support. Simply by touching one or more objects and drag them anywhere on the screen.

4. Improved multitasking

Multi-tasking has become more convenient. With Slide Over and Split View, users can run two applications simultaneously. Any additional application can be launched right from the Dock in the Split View, it will appear along with the current on a single screen. To Slide Over the second application can be moved to the left. And the updated application switcher remembers the preferences to quickly return to the usual combinations with the help of App Spaces.

5. Functionality Apple Pencil

Owners of iPad Pro will find more opportunities to work with Apple Pencil. A digital pen will enable you to take a snapshot of the layout in the screenshots and PDF files. It can also be used to create notes directly on the lock screen, which will automatically be saved in the Notes app.

At the moment, the beta version of iOS 11 are only available for developers, the launch of the public test build is expected before the end of the month.

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