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Can Apple really abandon the Touch ID in the iPhone 8?

As you know, Apple plans to integrate fingerprint scanner in the display of the new iPhone 8. This information was distributed earlier by Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and other reputable publications. Published diagrams and sketches of the upcoming smartphone show the device without the physical key “Home” and with the screen occupying almost the entire front panel.

Display with built-in fingerprint scanner – a unique technology. No company has still not led to mass market such a device. For Apple rather unusual practice first to introduce a fundamentally new technology. Typically, the company waits, watching the behavior of the development devices from other manufacturers, and then implements honed to perfection in their own products.

It is known that Apple is experimenting with integration into OLED display fingerprint scanner, which, according to experts, is technically challenging. Previously a similar function has tried to implement in Galaxy S8 Samsung, but eventually abandoned the idea due to related technical problems. That’s why this time Apple may need a plan B or even C.

One possibility is to transfer the Touch ID scanner on the rear panel of the smartphone. It would be the easiest way out. However, this approach, as the experience of the Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+, seriously degrades the ergonomics of the device.

Analysts also consider the possibility of complete waiver of a fingerprint scanner. In this case, to unlock the iPhone 8 will use facial recognition system user. Such a scenario seems unlikely, since typically both technologies are used simultaneously. Moreover, such a system works is less reliable and is not suitable to unlock the phone if it is on the table.

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Another reason why Apple cannot abandon the Touch ID is the payment system Apple Pay. The company has done a lot of work to perfect the technology confirmation of payments via the fingerprint scanner. It is unlikely that the manufacturer will decide to go on to less safe and convenient system.

From the point of view of the consumer, the best scenario would be to delay the release of the iPhone 8 until the built-in screen, the fingerprint scanner will not be ready to go on the mass market. In the worst case, the release of the news could take place next year.

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