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CameraTweak 4: 10 new features for the camera in iOS 9 [Cydia]

It is no secret that the iOS developers have not given a regular Camera with all necessary functions and features. For those who want to get more from the camera, forced to look for alternatives in the App Store or use unofficial apps from Cydia.

CameraTweak 4 – one of the best jailbreak add-ins designed to expand the functionality of the standard iPhone camera. It is a further development of the third version of the tweak and has to be activated on the iPhone many essential for creating quality photos and videos of fine-tuning, without having to install third-party software from the App Store.

That gets the user CameraTweak 4 for one dollar? The tweak displays the camera’s menu a number of additional settings such as self timer, brightness, and ISO, continuous shooting. In the Arsenal of utilities ten additional functions.

First, CameraTweak 4 allows you to set separate focus and exposure, and also adds to the camera menu the timer button. Mode delayed shooting is present in almost all digital cameras. In the presence of a tripod it can help to take a group portrait that includes the photographer.

There is a special mode of the Time Lapse, designed for capturing slow processes, for example, the change of day and night. The standard frame rate perceived by the human eye, 24 frames per second. With the Time Lapse feature shot is with a frequency of one frame per second to one frame per hour. Ordinary objects and processes that can be removed from Time Lapse — sunset and sunrise, a blooming flower, plant growth, melting ice, the movement of clouds across the sky or the movement of cars on a busy street.

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In addition, using CameraTweak 4, you can change the resolution settings of photos (from 144p to 2448p) and fix the white balance.

As for shooting video in this mode, the tweak also allows you to set separate focus and exposure. In addition, you can optionally change the frame rate and picture resolution (1080p, 720p, 540p, etc.).

CameraTweak 4 harmoniously blends the Camera interface of the iPhone and not distracting from the overall concept of iOS 9.

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