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Camera iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL and Canon: portrait mode

That photographs better: flagship smartphone or a professional camera? Staff publications iMore decided to figure it out and did a test to compare the portrait device modes.

Computational photography — the biggest step in photography since the transition from film technology to digital.

Flagship smartphone Apple iPhone X is equipped with a system of two cameras in order to pictures came out more voluminous and deep. The ability of machine learning helps the gadget to artificially create the bokeh effect.

Google Pixel 2 XL uses a system of c AF phase detection PDAF to give depth to these photos. Background blur is due to the Union of the segments of the picture image prepared by the machine.

Camera Canon 5D Mark III c with a 50 mm lens and aperture of f/ 1.4 is considered one of the fastest. This camera is able to shoot stunning photos and appreciated by many professionals.

What the portrait would be the best?

Photograph taken on Canon

Since the camera does not have elements of artificial intelligence, for the pictures and answer properly selected glass and the understanding of the physics of light. The blurring between the object and the background is perfect and the bokeh effect is achieved by the elements of the frame and lines.

Photo taken on the Apple iPhone X

System the main camera captures the object layer by layer and analyses the depth of the background. Then in the case enters the machine intelligence, and there is an allocation of subject and background blur. The elements located closer to the foreground, may be less blurred than objects further away.

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Depth data of the background stored as part of the image in high quality HEIF-format or is specified in the header of JPG-images. The user can enable and disable depths at any moment when viewing the photo.

However, the portrait shots taken on the iPhone X to go “warm”. Perhaps the camera is trying to adjust to overall color of the image to the most likely to transfer skin tone. The photo looks harmonious with soft blur effect on the edges. In low light iPhone X are able to take good photos, the noise which could be mistaken for a special artistic technique.

Overall, the iPhone photo X is not perfect. However, due to the emotional component, images of the flagship Apple seem to be better than they really are.

Photo taken at Pixel 2 XL

Smartphones Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL use machine intelligence for processing photos and create a mask of segmentation to separate the object from the background.

The portrait looks “cool”, but accurate and sharp. All objects are nicely detailed.

Rating photos is a very subjective process. Some people prefer artistic shots iPhone X, others want to see detailed and meticulous, like the Pixel 2 XL.

However, in 2017 the photo quality of smartphones, Apple and Google have improved significantly.

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