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Camera iPhone 8 will receive support “SmartCam” and access to Apple Pay

The iPhone camera 8 improves your photos thanks to new “SmartCam”.

FOR iPhone and “SmartCam” will work together and look for objects when photographing, such as: children, documents, fireworks, foliage and more. Apple already uses object recognition to “Photos” to search and memories, and it is expected that the future iPhone will be a separate processor, “Neural Engine” optimization for machine learning tasks. Most likely, this type of processing will occur in the background without any user interface.

iOS 11 (or the next iPhone) will have something called SmartCam. It will tune the camera settings based on the scene it detects

— Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) 2 Aug 2017

Also in the HomePod firmware found mention the fact that Apple will add face recognition to authenticate Apple Pay is Touch ID on the iPhone 8 — ‘passbook.payment.contactlessinterface’ with ‘pearl.field-detect’ and ‘pearl.pre-arm’.

What about this?

— Dan (@r_idn) 2 Aug 2017

Finally, not without one more good surprise in the code HomePod, where he found inductive charging for “2017iPhone” and 6.5-inch Retina display. It is expected that wireless charging will appear in the iPhone close to the end of the year with the release of new models.

In HomePod found many other opportunities that will be available on the iPhone, for example, including display on the top. The biggest leak is that the iPhone 8 will be frameless.

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