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Camera iPhone 7 will not extend outside of the housing

With its slim ISOCELL-sensor authorship Samsung camera in Apple’s mobile devices will not extend outside of the housing. By reducing the size of pixels Koreans managed to reduce the size of the CMOS-touch by 20% compared to current solutions.

Sensor Samsung S5K3P3 with a resolution of 16 megapixels is provided with a grain size of 1.0 μm. This ensures the quality of the recording level sensors of 1.12 µm pixels. The sensor turned out to be smaller compared to today’s units, which uses larger pixels, which will allow manufacturers to produce smartphones with cameras that do not stick out past the body, says Samsung.

It is noted that the miniaturization of light-sensitive cells did not affect the quality of the final images: it allegedly remained at the same level. The ISOCELL technology reduces crosstalk from adjacent pixels, which is achieved by adding between physical barriers. Such a solution increases the light sensitivity and color fidelity, including in low light conditions.

According to Vice President of marketing of Samsung Kushika Hong, in the future, the company expects to expand the range of sensors with a compact 1-µm pixels, positioning them as an excellent solution for “high-performance thin mobile gadgets.

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