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Came NFCWriter for iOS 10 is a tool that allows to extend the set of NFC features in the iPhone

In may, we spoke about the initiative of rutabajjuka Elias Limneos, who managed to unlock NFC in the iPhone to show all of the possibilities of technology. And now in Cydia released a tweak NFCWriter, allowing greater use chip wireless data communication on iOS devices.

NFC is found in the specifications of each current iPhone. However, the Apple wireless interface short range, very limited compared to Android devices.

At the moment, the NFC chip used in the iPhone solely for sending payment requests from your smartphone on the card reader. This is due to the fact that Apple has put severe restrictions on the operating system level on the possibilities of NFC.

In Cupertino for a long time refused from implementation of this interface in their devices and only added NFC to the iPhone 6 with the launch of the payment system, Apple Pay. Since then, came a few new smartphone models, but the technology of near field communications is still limited to only Apple Pay.

App NFCWriter is designed to eliminate this injustice. Due to this twice you can use NFC in the iPhone as on any Android smartphones. In particular, to read and write labels, use the “emulation mode” to perform various actions depending on the content of the label is to open RFID door using your iPhone, or handle specific events related to NFC.

The application also allows you to display information about labels, particularly the manufacturer, the label type, serial number, ATQA, SAK, memory size, etc. models Supported by the ISO 14443 standard, Mifare , ISO 15693 , iCode SLIX and all the series of NTAG. Some of the scenarios that NFC provide convenient automation of actions on the iPhone.

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On the video the developer posted on its YouTube channel, shows the iPhone 6s, which successfully reads the NFC tag. When approaching the smartphone on the screen of the mobile device, you receive a push notification with the name of the tag.

Are NFCWriter will be available to all smartphone owners jailbreak. Supported iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 10. Support for iOS 9 and the iPhone 6 is in development. NFCWriter the cost is $3,99.

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