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Came is the official app for downloading music from Vkontakte

Mail.Ru Group announced a mobile app for downloading music from social networks. App called Moosic while available only to users of Android-devices.

From the beginning of April Moosic downloaded over a million times, putting the service an average rating of 4.5 points. With it, smartphone users can listen and download tracks from your profile in a social network “Vkontakte”. Also available playlists service Mail.Ru My Music and personal recommendations that “will help to discover new songs and artists even music lovers with an experience”.

In Scranton has a built-in equalizer, accessible music directory, separated by genre. Also the app offers search by tracks and the ability to play music already stored on your smartphone or tablet. In addition, the application allows you to create playlists. Design Moosic resembles the mobile version of YouTube, but in the blue color.

In App Store and Windows Phone Store the app is not yet available. It also does not yet provide integration with other social networks. In Mail.Ru Group explained that if the product testing is successful and the company will manage to agree about cooperation with rights holders, Moosic will connect to other projects, such as a social network “Odnoklassniki”.

The possibility of offline listening of music and provides users with another Russian service “Yandex.The music”. However, in it, the option to store tracks in memory available only to those who issued a paid subscription.

Release Moosic took place not today, but previously the program was hosted in Google Play on behalf of another developer. IOS app does not go, although the logo Moosic tempting to think that the developers think about Apple’s platform — a logo is an upside-down and all sign of Beats Music.

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