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Buyers of the game based on the series “Sons of anarchy” EN masse demand that Apple refund the purchase

Today in the App Store released the first part of the game from Fox Digital Entertainment, created based on the series “Sons of anarchy”. The project is made in the style of the famous adventure games The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. Often they are called interactive cinema. The project has not received very decent reviews from gamers, the developers have promised to improve the game, collected money and disappeared.

Game project, created based on the popular crime drama, is called Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect. The game is an episodic graphic adventure with a choice of development options. Users fall into the unknown even to fans of the original location, and the situation in which the main characters are different from what is happening in the series.

According Gameinonline, “Sons of Anarchy” had become a whole series for mobile devices from Apple, but now are a subject of steadfast trial of Western publications, which, for the past 8 months trying to understand what the continuation of the game itself, and where are all the developers gone? The fact that they had collected money for the sale of season tickets, which give the right to receive free all subsequent episodes of Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect. Such developers with “marine” bias: the money collected, and ends in the water.

Deceived gamers have begun to turn spoke to Apple, they say, and do not want the company to return the funds given, it seems to be a Scam? In which [many months persisted, but recently decided and announced the possibility to return the money for, in fact, does not belong to them game, but sold in their store.

Well, what to Studio Orpheus Interactive, owners of this Studio will certainly be to look with the firefighters and policemen.

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