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Businessmen took video, as the Governor has instructed the Director of the refrigerator plant to release the iPhone 7

The Saratov businessmen at a meeting of activists of the region took video, as the Governor Valery Radaev requests the Director of the refrigerator plant to start production of iPhone 7. Earlier in the press service of the regional government stated that the official’s words were wrongly interpreted.

After the report of the General Director of JSC SAK Eugene Reznik official said that the plant can deal with the release of new smartphones Apple. As the site he suggested Saratov elektroagregat production Association, which specializes in the production of refrigerators.

“Let us now together the iPhone 7 will release in Saratov,” – suggested Radaev.

Reznik tried to explain to the Governor that the production and region will not have enough money to buy a license for the production of smartphones. However, this did not bother the official. “We just enough, we have brains,” said the Governor and offered to study the issue.

“Why does the neighbours from near and far abroad go for it? Brains – the most important thing, and we have them. Let’s take the Board and put the production on behalf of the asset, we ask you”, – under laughter in a hall said the Governor.

Meanwhile, experts doubt the feasibility of the proposal Radaev. The idea of an official about the Assembly of smartphones Apple in Russia could increase the cost of the iPhone 7 at least twice. The national Assembly of the device will lead to higher prices, as in Russia there are no suppliers of components and materials.

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