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Bundle: an application for the organization is protected from photo library on iOS and Android [video]

On mobile devices, has released an application Bundle that allows you to easily organize your photo library on smartphones and tablets. The media browser is available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

Bundle easy groups your photos and videos into collections that are shared to a certain circle of people. Often when friends or family members take pictures from the same events, such as holidays or parties. However, once again the opportunity to come together and view them is very rare. In such situations, and will help the app. The photos in the shared album you can add any member. Users can like and comment on the event in the chat.

Security collections Bundle special attention. Access to content can be restricted by the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. In addition, the application allows you to configure backup data to Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon Cloud Drive.

In the Bundle has a built-in mechanism for automatic image analysis. Technology, for example, will help get rid of duplicates and selecting only the best photos based on facial recognition of people in photos.

Free version Bundle allows you to share any number of photos in low and medium resolution. When you subscribe to Connect Bundle for 1 dollar a month, users will be able to store content in the cloud. Package Bundle Backup the $ 5 a month, allows you to keep in remote storage pictures in full size and gives 5 GB for video storage.

Download Bundle for smartphones and tablets at this link.

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