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Buka has released a collection of “Siberia. Complete collection for iPhone and iPad

In honor of the impending release of the third part of “Siberia”, the continuation of the famous series of games by Benoit Sokal, the company Buka has released iOS collection “Siberia. The complete collection”. Now iPhone and iPad users can take in the amazing untold story of new York lawyer Kate Walker.

“The set includes the original quests “Siberia” and “Siberia 2″ tailored for play on touch screens of mobile devices. The price of the collection in the App Store — 249 rubles,” – told in the company.

To purchase the kit, translated into Russian language, you can now simply by opening the page in the App Store. These games are already out on mobile devices, but the collection is cheaper than if you buy each individually.

Syberia the story starts with Kate arriving in a small Alpine village in France, where they should spend the deal to buy the old factory of mechanical toys. It turns out that the owner of the factory recently died, and the case can be conducted only with her brother. In search of Hans Vorarlberg will have to solve many challenging puzzles, learn about his dreams, and then together go in search of the far Northern lands, where supposedly still preserved mammoths.

On 1 December this year the sale will go to Sibir ‘3″. The narrative Siberia 3 starts in the same place where ended the previous part: Kate Walker, went in search of the mysterious Syberia, almost dies on a drifting ice floe, but a small caravan good Jukola manages to save her from certain death. Forced to flee from their common enemies, Kate decides to help the nomads to carry their strange ancient tradition: to accompany stage snow ostriches to the Holy foot, where they can multiply.

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Siberia 3 will be released December 1, 2016 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC fully on Russian language.

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