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Bruce Willis inspired the Spaniard to the claim against Apple

A lawyer from the law firm was in Seville, Spain, Victor Lopez filed a lawsuit against Apple in an attempt to protect the rights of users of iTunes. It was inspired by the statement of a famous Hollywood actor Bruce Willis, who wishes to bequeath the music library to three of their daughters, but in terms of the user agreement, iTunes is impossible.

As reported by the BFM with reference to the Spanish newspaper ElConfidencialDigital, the lawyer filed all the necessary documents to the Arbitration court of Madrid, demanding to Institute legal proceedings regarding the violation of the rights of film actors and other users of the services of the American company.

According to the lawyer, the basis for filing the claim was the information that Bruce Willis couldn’t make a notarized will, which wanted to leave his daughters a legacy of 150 000 of his songs, which he for many years bought through iTunes, owned by Apple.

Accordance with the user agreement of iTunes, people giving money to Apple, acquires, and leases only the records from the company. Thus, any song purchased in iTunes is lost after the death of the paying user.

Some time ago Bruce Willis, who wanted to bring happiness to the daughters of their savings has received a notice that, despite the fact that when making the purchase, he, like all users of these services, clicked the “Buy” button, he did not become purchaser of the song. As explained by the lawyers Apple, in fact, the client only “receives the license for the right to use” received and paid through the company’s products.

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That means “buying” the product in iTunes or the App Store, users are misled because they do not have the rights of ownership to “buy”, said the Seville lawyer. After all, when you purchase goods and services in these services, customers click a button that says “Buy”.

Lawyer Victor Lopez via arbitration court demanded that the American company immediately to make changes to the user interface of both shopping Apple services. The main requirement is to replace the word “Buy” used by customers on the payment page of these online stores.

The lawyer told the newspaper that if Apple does not respond to his claim that he intends to continue legal proceedings against a computer company “until the imposition of an injunction on all sales through iTunes or the App Store.”

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