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A surprising and unexpected way dear, but long ago forgotten in Russia, the company Nintendo all year is tearing the charts, including one-sixth of the land – although it would seem. Just sooner year battle about Pokemon Go (Nintendo there, however, was on the third cast), all media write about Super Mario Run is the most popular mobile game in many years. Oils in fire were added also by the pre-release hysteria: in particular, the game hung in the App Store, but not to download but to all to send messages – here, they say, take your date on the calendar, when will come the miracle. Miracle descended, but something went wrong – the rating in half stars, journalistic reviews in the spirit of “why can not play” and other attributes are noisy, but failed game. So what happened to Mario?

Well, first the sad news – Italian runs itself. And myself: jumping over small obstacles, jumping over small enemies, and sometimes takes a coin.

There are, of course, want witty joke in the spirit of “why am I”, but it will be hypocrisy – the levels are so designed that without your influence anywhere: the ravines, the powerful enemies, some incredible jumble of walls for acrobatic stunts. Therefore, the “play with one finger” will still have – but a problem here.

Actually, there are two kinds of jump. First – you just Tapan screen of Mario jumping is low. The second you clamp your finger to the screen, Mario’s jumping is quite impressive. Your control arms are finished, but Nintendo never was hardcore, at least in its basic, primitive sense.

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The whole thing is based on his personal charisma. This, of course, words can not describe the feeling of a home cosiness and Christmas warmth, when I start some part with the plumber. Oddly enough, Super Mario Run with it all right – the game is very, um, “own”. Nice to be here: from coins collected are colored flashes, chopped nintendodsi sound caresses the ear, around the festival of colors and shows. Levels – the one for which playing project Nintendo – made exactly as it should be. A lot of them, they are different, for every taste, with all sorts of decorations and very cool designed. Several “floors”, rotating pace, the same acrobatic elements, some crazy UPS and even “stoppers”. Super Mario Run is very difficult to die and lose, but the first time do not pay attention because it completely captured fluttering from the ceiling with fireworks.

But then a cold shower pouring on the head – the actual play is not so interesting. First, is the confusion due to avtoupravlenie – where-independence Mario really helps, but mostly is irritating: I’m here, actually, trying to fill the glasses, and you jump way. Secondly, Yes, it lacks the hardcore – the sticky horror when mustachioed falls in a hole, and hearts no more – and again.

Instead, the authors have thrown in Super Mario Run other – not obvious things. For example, it is possible to equip the village – those coins that you earned. To buy toads (these are the same idiots with the funny hats mushrooms) at home, to plant flowers and lay the lawn. The second innovation – the “rally”. Here you’re running with the toad race, and who eventually collects the most coins wins. Prize – a pack of toads in your village. Easy all in the fairy Kingdom.

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And in the end. We have a mediocre platformer with very cool levels, but absolutely fail gameplay – the game criticized that there Mario jumps “not”, but this is the tenth order; he’s just himself, with your help, and it frustrare. All these crackers, buns and joy that punctuated every level, alas, did not really work – you are confused about the intricacies of the movements, do not have time to trace when you need to snap yourself, and when to give the initiative of Mario, and hence straying temp – Central for a platform matter.

So all the other praises of the senseless – Nintendo suddenly turned out just a lousy platformer. Yes, with beautiful graphics, interesting additions and modes, even with some plot (guess that ties up the conflict?), but the core, the Foundation, the support – alas, destroyed. A nice picture with the ability to deliver house – perhaps not a good enough reason for spending 749 rubles. Even talking about childhood hero.

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