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Browse Pokemon Go: how it all went mad

If over the past two weeks you have not heard anything about Pokemon Go, it means you spent the time on the bottom of the ocean, the surface of Mars or in the middle of the Siberian taiga. Because on Pokemon Go tell all – and it is already starting to get bored. More than 15 million downloads in the US alone. Grown twice the market capitalization of Nintendo. A crazy audience, ahead of Twitter and Tinder. The endless flow of information – including with the Russian media: the game has been accused of complicity with the devil. Everyday crazy stories people come out to catch pokémon, and find the bodies, fall under the wheels of cars and fall into the ravine. In Russia the game is not even out and already fell under the scope of politicians: around Pokemon Go whirling dance of prohibitions, threats and sanctions. Meanwhile, with all this unprecedented hype, many people have forgotten what the game is. Tell.

Pokemon Go uses the reception of augmented reality – that in itself is not new, the previous game authors, Ingress, and this was built. You register, create a character, and the game throws your avatar directly into the game version of Google Maps. The location of your own. Then Pokemon Go will ask to access the camera, be sure to check out the apartment or the office – in the midst of familiar tables and linoleum you’ll find first pokemon. To catch snapper, it is necessary to throw in a pokebol. Ready – now, if you want to play, go outside.

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On the global map (the same one that Google Maps) the location of pokemon not displayed, but there are clues – that is, those pokemon, what’s next, you only need to hit the quarter. Or carefully watch for suspicious signs – for example, flickering in the grass.

Importantly, some pokémon can only be caught in specific conditions. Water is found only in water – don’t forget that when you go to the beach – and some are available only at night. Therefore, in the US you can often see people in robes, thoughtfully bypassing the dwelling under diffuse in the sky the moon. In Russia, I think, is too soon.

There are still two elements, pakistory and gyms. In the first you can restore the number pokebola, and the second to coach the pokémon and train the principles of team building. Pakistory usually located near the shops, garages, wall inscriptions and other objects of comparable scale. The whole base moved from the Ingress, which for years was filled by the users, so rest assured: if you do not live in a remote village, everything will be. With fitness centers all more difficult – they are smaller and they are usually near something big: for example, subway stations or shopping center. Or churches and cemeteries in the U.S. already, a wave of outrage provoked by exercise centers in all the wrong places. In Russia for playing pokemon in the spiritual building and not a penalty, so be careful.

About why I almost didn’t write this, but the main goal in Pokemon Go not to “collect them all”, although it is a nice addition. Your task – to equip a powerful composition, which can be put up against another coach or monster in the gym. You put one pokemon, the second, third, and opposite the enemy. The parties shall exchange shots (conditionally, “short” and “long”), then the winner takes the prize of experience points. The chances of winning increase drastically, if the team has pokemon with high attack level”.

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Perhaps of all the elements of the game is combat part as weak. No battles, space for a tactical maneuver no – one more powerful team wins. Perhaps that is what Pokemon Go and cursed the critics.

In addition, it is unclear how long the frenzy around the game – and on what. When people are tired to catch Pikachu in a nearby dumpster – and it will happen – it turns out that more of the Pokemon Go to do nothing; not primitive battles. May soon tighten the social mechanics of the Guild until for show and other important moments, but so far the Pokemon seem to Go randomly flashing pacifier.

However – there is little that beats the feeling when caught Jiglipuf on the porch of the regional administration.

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