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Browse iPhone 7: black envy

Yesterday was the worldwide release of the iPhone 7 and the people of the countries of the first wave were able to touch the newest Apple devices. Russia in this list has not got, but it did not stop us together with the Big Geek meet iPhone 7 in matte black color and make first impressions.

Let’s start with the good impressions, or at least neutral. New packing does not cause any special feelings, but she became more like a box from the Apple Watch internal packing components. Apple EarPods with Lightning cable lost plastic box and is wound on a piece of cardboard from the back side which is attached to the adapter with a Lightning to 3.5 mm. It is very thin and does not seem reliable.

The smartphone definitely looks better than the iPhone 6s or 6. Stupid stripes are gone, the black matte smartphone black inserts are almost invisible. To the touch became even smoother than the iPhone 6s, but rather a nice smooth, almost silk. Here a very high quality metal processing and painting. after iPhone 6s iPhone 7 feels kind of cheap and Chinese. Even the camera sticks out now is much more beautiful! The case itself is perfectly collects fingerprints and dirt, although it wipes off without any problems.

A new and improved display with the expanded color range is immediately apparent. It brighter, richer and more contrast than the iPhone 6s and the image seems to be drawn on the glass. It had seemed so, but here, the picture literally jumps out at you in the eye.

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Attention to detail has always been the crown feature of the Apple. Not without him here. Volume buttons are both nicer to touch and less protruding, but the power button has become more tangible. The main surprise is fraught with the Home button is no longer pressed. It is touch, glass, with a smaller recess than before and with three degrees tactile feedback, very close to the usual clique of which is the third. And still is not the same as usual-click on the old smartphones. It’s not even the trackpad on the MacBook that mimic depression. It’s just a button that is not pressed, but vibrates with the help of the Taptic Engine. The feeling is very strange and they need to get used.

Another surprise: a reboot of the combination Home + Power anymore to do. Screenshots are still being done this way, but to restart the phone you need to hold down the power button and then volume key down and hold them until restart.

Pleasant experience you can call the stereo speakers of the smartphone. The sound is very loud and clean but not as deep as the only dynamics the iPhone 6s.

Now that is not liked or caused mixed feelings. The Home button is now not protected a sapphire crystal and it is much easier to scratch, the scanner of fingers it can become a problem if treated. The rejection of the mechanical parts while causing more negative than positive, though some new haptic feedback to the contrary may seem nicer. The speakers do lack the depth of sound, but you can blame the improved water resistance. Her own blame in the rejection of a 3.5 mm Jack, especially given the flimsy complete adapter. On the other hand, if you have used the EarPods, then quietly will use them, but just using Lightning. Oleophobic display properties are the same as in the iPhone 6s, that is good but not the best, screen dirty quickly.

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The main drawback of the device of the first party from the first IOS it lags. iPhone 6s from the first batch on the very first firmware also behaved in a similar way, but then all was well, however, in the case of the iPhone 7 firmware 10.0.1 flew from the machine to the factory iOS 10 the situation is not yet fixed. Possible to release in Russia will be a fix and everything will be better.

The overall impression of the smartphone is dual: on the one hand before us on all sides improved iPhone 6s, but the title of a new-generation machine that is not enough. Maybe the iPhone just became so familiar and almost domestic thing that does not cause emotions. They should call the new camera the iPhone 7 Plus and magic AirPods, but in the case of the iPhone 7 it’s just good iPhone S for the iPhone 6s if you want.

Is it worth to upgrade to it with the iPhone 6s? Only if you are tired of your smartphone. But the owners of the iPhone 6 and older models to move to the iPhone 7 makes sense. New and pleasant experiences to be much more.

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