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I really like niche things, including gadgets and accessories. They are much more versatile. Why? Because they are well work the money invested in those tasks for which they are intended. These things often live up to our expectations, than disappoint you. This concept clearly fits a niche sport wireless headphone, the assessment of which depends not only on sound quality.

Sports earphones – it’s more about sports, about activity, about the reliability and design than about the melody and the difference of the high frequencies from the average. Although the sound quality is certainly important factor. Sound is important but not the only component to consider a lot. Today, our review covers sport headphone iSport Achieve from the company Monster.

Opening the box, I found a cable USB/microUSB for charging and a set of three pairs of nozzles-plugs of different sizes. Write a review of the headphones for sports activities, sitting on a cozy sofa, it would be fundamentally wrong, so I went to the gym for a full test.

For a dozen minutes on foot to the hall in the bag, headphones are not confused. And there is nothing to be confused: the wire connecting the left and right sides, is elastic.

To the right of the length controller is a remote control. It is moderately large, and the buttons are convex and are easily found by touch, which is very important during training. Headphones are controlled by three buttons: a Central multifunctional and classic “plus” and “minus”. Their work can be found in the enclosed instructions, but you can do without it.

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On the front side of the panel there is an indicator light on the back is the microphone. On the side under the rubber plug hiding the microUSB for charging the battery of the headphones. Plug does not fall, but out of the box does not close as tight as wanted.

The manufacturer claims five hours of work in playback mode. Pretty good, considering the average duration of one to two hours. Charge confidently enough for two full workout or a few runs.

The design and color of the speakers with plugs and clamps looks sporty, even a little aggressive. In addition to black with grey, this model is a bright green or blue colors. A good choice for fans to choose accessories to match the clothes or shoes.

Back directly to the headphones. They sit comfortably in the ear, no pressure and almost completely isolate outside noise, which in the sports hall rife.

The music in “acipco” plays really loudly and with a large margin! I was pleasantly surprised, because I used to listen to songs in the usual overhead headphones at full volume. Here had less than half the sonic potential. A large role was played by the above mentioned insulation.

In the first part of my workout I was warming up, doing hyperextension. This implies a large number of tilts and rotations of the body, jumping. Headphones not made a single attempt to slip out of your ears, and by the end of the workout, I completely forgot about them, listening to cheerful songs evil and Disturbed.

The second part was hard and forceful, so moved I’m not as active exercises mainly in one position. It is worth mentioning that during squats with a barbell on my back I decided to still outweigh the earphone wire forward, eliminating the risk of damage.

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To complete the exercise I chose interval running on the track. Very good, the headphones are protected from moisture. While running, had to make a couple of calls using the integrated microphone. The conversations were very short, but no communication problems arose.

As for sound quality, then all is well, but without the frills. Pronounced bias towards low frequencies, and the top is less noticeable. But believe that in the process of training it is necessary to cheerfulness, motivation, abstracted from all around. To do this, the sound should be very loud and juicy. Monster iSport Achieve it just like that.

According to the manufacturer the price on the official website is 3990 rubles. For the money we get comfortable, good-sounding wireless headphones with good battery life and design, choice of several colors. And favorite music in good headphones to workout gives +10 strength and endurance. Don’t believe? Try it for yourself.

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