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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons: myths of ancient Sweden

The Swedish company Starbreeze you know – they did the Riddick game (the same!), first Darkness (one of the main reasons to buy a console last generation) and was produced by both parts Pay Day. Externally Starbreeze games are crazy and wild: everywhere you have to kill, and to one another and are allowed to eat other people’s hearts. But if you dig a little deeper, it becomes clear that the Swedes in a firestorm of death and aggression constantly laid something human: after the final Darkness can, naturally, losing sleep, The Chronicles of Riddick took his charismatic character. Starbreeze often told the story – just a string of severed heads that could not see. Unexpected in their arcade Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, released on the Xbox a couple of years ago, was just a story – and the game instantly broke all head. Now “Brothers” ported to iOS and is, honestly, a big feast.

Scandinavia, circa the Middle ages. In a small village two brothers live with aged father. When the head of the family is ill, things went really bad – the brothers had to go to distant miraculous tree, which kind would save. The journey is complicated by the fact that in the eyes of the younger recently drowned mother, and he is afraid of water, and the older in the midst of puberty, leading to tragic consequences.

Starbreeze during the two hours that the game is running, the handle will drag you through local myths: that trolls, giants, trees with sharp claws and other vermin. To fight, however, do not, and we need to solve acrobatic tasks. Brothers work together: the left stick you move the older, right – Jr. Problems often cooperative properties: the two of us need something to move, to open and Unscrew. The puzzles are simple, but complicated by the management – until you get used to it, it will take time.

From a gameplay point of view in Brothers is nothing special – well cemented arcade game – but the game takes not of this and some are non-competitive atmosphere of hopelessness. “Brothers” is pretty risque color palette and, in General, nothing portends trouble – until the horizon loomed the monsters, trolls and charred corpses. In this game death is a natural part of life; she waits around the corner, under the bench (Hello, ICO!) and disguised as the appearance of the good Samaritan.

And in combination with short duration, powerful effect: just launched the game and now watching the final movie, and something acrid throat. Brothers is not pushing the player’s emotions (although not to shrink from controversial methods), and methodically, step by step, exposes the soul – and there is a piercingly sad story. Ideally, all games should be like that – not when blood, guts and madness, and life.

Is Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is about 300 rubles, when porting obviously cut the schedule – on the consoles the game is much prettier. In the mobile version there are no shadows and several variations of lighting, but the very atmosphere of the place – fortunately, it is created not technical beauty. Russian language is in place, although it is not needed – this story is clear in any language.

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