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Broadcom Qualcomm could buy for 100 billion dollars

Buy Broadcom Qualcomm will make the biggest manufacturer of processors, after Intel and Samsung. About it writes Bloomberg.

Broadcom CEO hock tan is considering the purchase of Qualcomm for $ 100 billion. Broadcom estimates Qualcomm shares about 70 dollars apiece. Sources Bloomberg, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the deal will be partially paid in cash and shares. They also said that an official statement about buying a Broadcom Qualcomm will be released in the coming days.

On the background of this news shares of Qualcomm rose almost 14%. According to Bloomberg, it is their largest jump since 2008. In this case, from January 2017, Qualcomm shares fell 16 percent, except for the recent rise in price.

2017 was a difficult year for Qualcomm. For a company to sue Apple, alleging that the imposition of technology. In response, Qualcomm’s lawyers filed a counter lawsuit demanding to ban the sale of iPhone in USA and China. Qualcomm also was fined 774 million dollars in Taiwan. The result of the 2017 financial year ended for the Qualcomm profits fall by 90%.

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