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British police decided not to investigate the theft of iPad

The head of the National police chiefs Council of great Britain (NPCC) Sarah Thornton stated that law enforcement officers will not be able to investigate such crimes as burglary. As an example, she cited a situation where a hypothetical thief gets into the apartment and steals iPad.

“In this case, the police representative on the call arrives at the first call,” said Thornton.

Due to budget cuts the police in England and Wales need to focus on more relevant issues and pravarasena, she said. Chapter NPCC believes that we should concentrate on combating terrorism, sexual crimes and cyber attacks.

The statement of the representative of the police does not mean that they will refuse investigations “classic” crimes, but their priority will be significantly reduced. “If in the house made a thief and his trail has gone cold, we will not instantly respond to the call”, — said the head of the NPCC.

Thornton also said that for four years the police budget has been cut by a quarter and there are further reductions. “For ten years we lose about 70 thousand people, and I don’t think we have the opportunity to continue to do what we always were doing,” she admitted.

The national police chiefs Council was created in 2015 and it will replace the Association of chiefs of police that had existed since 1948. The NPCC is responsible for coordination of the British police, including on combating terrorism and emergencies.

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