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British iPhone user was arrested for stealing electricity in the train

The beauty of mobile devices is that a relatively long time, they may be without recharging. However, from time to time they still need an outlet, through which each time have to compensate for draining the lifeblood of the battery.

Charge your iPhone is fast enough. However, this advantage quickly evaporates when you are arrested for illegally charging the phone, presenting the charges of waste, which is private property. That is what happened to 45-year-old Robin Lee from the UK who was arrested for illegally charging your smartphone on the train.

Lee, who lives in North London, was walking home from Hackney Wick station. He plugged my iPhone into the outlet on the train. Suddenly he was approached by police, who warned the man that he illegally uses electricity. Outlet, according to law enforcement, is intended for service personnel.

Robin Lee was taken off the train at the station Camden Road, where police were already waiting for the criminal. He was taken to the police station, where after a short trial he was acquitted of charges of theft and released.

“The situation is absurd,” says Lee. The officer is clearly overdone in an attempt to protect law and order. She said I was stealing electricity. And claimed that this crime”.

After the incident, the iPhone clearly is to think, and in that if the outlet they insert a plug to recharge the battery of your smartphone.

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