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British experts called the main drawback of the iPhone compared to the “calling”. And it’s not the battery

The modern flagship phones are usually created from metal or glass buildings, which, of course, much more attractive from the point of view of appearance and nicer in the hand, but have significant problem of weak signal reception of cellular communication. According to recent research, this problem does not went to all the flagship devices, including Apple and Samsung.

Experts of the British office of communication (Ofcom) claim that used in modern smartphones technologies work with calls and messages is worse than the usual “dialer”. In some instances the signal needs to be 10 times stronger than the desired old-school mobile phones. Actually, the vast majority of smartphones does not meet the minimum signal of the GSM Association.

Instead of cheap plastic producers seek to use “premium” glass and metal. However, because such materials for the Communicator need 2G signal 7 times stronger than required for ordinary phones. On 3G the most “weak” should the smartphone signal is 9 times stronger than the minimum recommended by the Association of GSM, and 4G is 7 times stronger.

The tests were conducted in an open area, where the difference of base stations is large enough and the communication stability is low. In the experiment, a single device has lost the network even at a certain position in the hand. Communication may end up with overlapping antenna of a smartphone as it did with the iPhone 4 in 2010, then Apple has posted an official explanation with the recommendation to keep the smartphone in a certain way. However, now such problems do not happen so often.

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Ofcom does not name specific phone models. The representative of the organization said: “We tested a small number of mobile devices, not to rank, but to understand how they work in different situations. Since they all showed themselves equally, we decided not to name the brand”. However, experts do not conceal that among the tested devices were Apple and Samsung.

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