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British actor over a year ago refused iPhone, and enjoy push-button “dialer”

In today’s world, the smartphone and its owner are a single living organism, which cannot be separated. The war between fans of iOS and Android platforms, the endless race for new models and pride for the opportunity to use the latest technological innovations characterize the modern man. But it turns out that some quite easily abandon the latest technology, preferring to use old-school devices.

British actor Eddie Redmayne in an interview with The Independent has told that he has not uses your iPhone. The Apple he preferred simple keypad for calls.

“At some point I caught myself thinking that I spend too much time to chat in social networks. That’s why I decided to abandon the smartphone. I even thought that I began to have a certain relationship. Now I just stick close to reality. I appreciate every moment of your life. IPhone instead I use a normal phone. I think I became more alive,” said Redmayne.

Get rid of the computer the actor has not yet happened. “Whatever it was, from the laptop I could not refuse. Every day I respond to different messages in the morning and in the evening,” he added.

Eddie Redmayne is a British actor of theatre and cinema. Winner of a Tony in 2010 for her role in the play “Red”, winner of awards “Oscar”, “Golden globe” award of the U.S. screen actors Guild and BAFTA for the main male role in the film “the Theory of everything”. A wide audience he is known for such films as “provincial”, “the Theory of everything” and “Black death”.

Redmayne is not the first one who urges not to use the iPhone. Previously British politician ed Miliband said that he had decided to abandon Apple and move on to BlackBerry. iPhone, in his opinion, provides the user with a too wide list of opportunities. It takes a lot of time and distracts from the work.

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Not so long ago the musician Boris Grebenshchikov urged iPhone owners to use their less gadget to “start to see what’s happening around”. In smartphones, the musician sees the source of evil and urges people to watch less in the screen. “In fact, the world is not just a right, it’s magical. It is fantastically beautiful: the colors, the leaves, the sun through the leaves, clouds, blue sky suddenly appears”, – he explained.

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