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Brickies – this arkanoid you have not seen

We’ve learned that arkanoid (this is when the ball to break the blocks, driving the platform at the bottom of the screen) doesn’t change how much? – for several decades. This is a conservative, staid and established genre, where nothing new seems to be over and can not be. As it turned out, the fears were groundless – even in this format, people are coming up with unexpected moves. A storehouse with such moves lurking at the Brickies.

The basis of the gameplay is the same as was all life: the ball, pushing off the platform, breaks up large blocks into small pieces, and then cleans them. According to an old tradition, here’s an incredible amount of levels, so to play the Brickies can be long – until you get bored. The game has an achievement system, and if you really want to splurge for a new underwater level, there is this whole Toolkit.

However, the usual case, leaderboards, we have not seen? Seen. But what speech will go further yet.

Firstly, there is not one platform, but two – not a ceiling above, and is exactly the same abyss where will irrevocably fall ball. Conditions, working on the complication: now I have to watch for the two parts of the screen; used to relax when the projectile bounces from the ceiling, no longer work. Secondly, all strictly limited time. In the background, circling the dial, after which you just finish the game – and no matter what there are a couple of blocks.

However, they can hardly be called blocks. The screen took a round, cheerful almost living beings. Their faces are drawn with emotions, expressing – depends on the state of the block – full range of feelings: from complete indifference to the puppy’s delight. That is, smashing the brick into pieces, you don’t just fill the glasses – you see how the mood of this brick. Personalize a gray mass units, which for years we had histemi the ball and didn’t even think about their existence, of course, great and totally changes the feel of the game.

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The rest of the design are matched to their characters. All sweet, slightly comical, as if drawn by some artist-hipster; calm tones and pencil shades turned out perfectly.

Of course, there are plenty of options for getting points – used the combo system. The more you knock a cute Kruglyakov and do not miss the ball, the greater the multiplier. A lot depends on it – will do you beat a new record or not; whether there will be something to brag about on the leaderboard or not. To simplify the game, Brickies has a bonus system. Nothing, however, is extraordinary: ball acquires clones, turns into a flame thread or a power saw.

Brickies free. Domestic payments either – at least not yet.

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