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Brexit hit on the iPhone: Apple has raised prices for equipment in Europe after the fall of the pound and the Euro

The decision of Britain to withdraw from the EU is extremely unpleasant impact on the pound. As a result, now the British have to pay for the iPhone anymore.

On 23 June the UK authorities had decided to secede from the European Union, resulting in the British pound reached the worst over the last 30 years indicators, says Life. Because of this, prices on gadgets skyrocketed.

While the most affordable version of the iPhone 6s sold last year for £539 (about 46 000 rubles at current exchange rate), now the basic version of the iPhone 7 has got a price tag of £599 (over 51 000). Thus, the price difference amounted to as much as £60.

The difference in the models of the series Plus even more noticeable. Last year, the producers asked for £619 (nearly 53 000 rubles), but now the official website of Apple is the price tag of £719 (61 500 rubles).

In addition, Apple has slightly raised the prices of Apple Pencil (£79 to £99) and Apple Watch (from £39 to £49).

For the last time in the UK also rose by laptops, virtual reality VR, and HTC smartphones OnePlus.

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