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Breaking the tradition: why Apple will release “iPhone 7s” and “iPhone 8” this year

It is expected that this year Apple will introduce three new smartphones. In addition to the iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus will be radically new “iPhone 8”. S-version will be a small improvement over the current flagships, while the “eight” will become a truly new machine.

According to reports, the iPhone 8 will get a 5.8-inch OLED-display “edge to edge” with a 5.1-inch active area, the rest of the space is a virtual key. A reduced part will allow Apple to increase the screen size while keeping the same dimensions of the smartphone. In addition, the expected 3D camera with face detection function.

Given the serious redesign of smartphone, providing a glass back panel with curved edges and built-in wireless charging technology, analysts suggest that the price of iPhone 8 for the first time will exceed $1000.

The repetition of the past

Usually the rumors about the new iPhone appear a few months after the announcement of the next flagship model. The first information about new 2017 has been actively discussed in November 2016, the first rumors about iPhone 7 appeared in November 2015 and so on.

In April 2016, the Network appeared the first drawings and models of the iPhone 7. Although not all of them turned out to be true, but the final design of the device were largely similar to what we saw in the early leaks.

This year, Apple took steps to prevent such theft, but to completely eliminate leaks about the upcoming device failed.

iPhone 7s, as expected, outwardly, will not change compared to the predecessor. Thus, the engineering drawings to confirm that the iPhone 8 will be a completely rethought from the point of view of the design model.

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Apple first hinted at a possible future product

No, the company just announced the iPhone 8, but clearly pointed to the possibility of the upcoming device.

For the first time Apple talked about future technologies that are of great interest for the company, affirming the need to focus on specific user segments. In February, Apple CEO Tim cook said that has high hopes for augmented reality and believes the technology is promising.

“Speaking about prospects, we’re excited about the augmented reality — said cook during a conference call on the financial Affairs of the company. — I believe that augmented reality has a huge potential”.

Such statements Tim cook did last year, hinting that Apple is interested in augmented reality. In Cupertino believe that this technology has “huge potential” and where, if not in radically new flagship for $1,000 to demonstrate breakthrough technology?

To keep the tradition

No one outside Apple knows for sure that the company will present in September. As practice shows, not always what we see in the spring, eventually appearing for the autumn presentation of the company.

To keep new products secret is pretty difficult, especially against the background of such interest. In this case the products don’t always turn out like we expected or planned. For example, teardrop-shaped iPhone model has been talked about a few years ago, and have not entered the market. On the other hand, the technology of dual camera in the iPhone 7 Plus and the processor A10 Fusion exceeded our expectations.

Apple has always demonstrated innovation, but announced by the company technologies work flawlessly. Some things, for example, the same OLED display and augmented reality technology only now be implemented in the company’s products, despite the fact that many manufacturers for several years use them in one form or another.

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iPod could go earlier, but Apple had to do everything perfect. The same can be said about Mac, iPhone, iPad.

Apple has the status to release a premium smartphone, the engineering talent to fill its innovative technology and ability to explain to people why they should buy this product.

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