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Brand case battery Apple iPhone 7 has got a capacity of 26% more than the version for iPhone 6/6s

Specifically for the iPhone 7, Apple has developed new version of the proprietary Smart Battery Case cover, designed to increase battery life and protect your smartphone. Evil tongues called it the most ridiculous gadget of the company like, tear up a hundred dollars for that clear. In fact, the case-battery Apple can become for many a necessity.

Apple is positioning Smart Battery Case not as a single case, which you’ll wear without removing, but as a solution for those days that you’re particularly actively to use your iPhone. Moreover, with the release of a new model device received an increase in capacity. New Smart Battery Case holds 26% more charge than the version of the accessory for the iPhone 6s.

Reporters found that TheWireCutter, battery Smart Battery Case has increased the capacity from 1877 to 2365 mAh. In the iPhone 7, as you know, the battery has also received an upgrade and can work two hours longer in active use. But for many users this is not enough, therefore, along with Smart Battery Case users will get the opportunity to speak on the phone up to 26 hours to surf the Internet via LTE for up to 22 hours, and even longer to listen to music and watch videos.

Case-Apple battery can be charged separately from the iPhone itself. The body has a small led that signals the status of the charging process. This is done in order to discharged the case is not tied you to a wall outlet. Fully charging the case takes just over an hour. If you charge the case with iPhone inserted into it, it always charges the battery of the smartphone, and then cover. Discharging first is spent the battery cover.

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In General, Smart Battery Case increases the battery life of the iPhone about twice. And if no cover, the smartphone, working in an intensive mode, can be discharged after lunch, the case was physically impossible to stay without the iPhone until late in the evening. Anyone with all of life flows in the smart phone, Apple Smart Battery required — this is the best solution to the problem with autonomy.

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