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BPlay is the best music player for iOS 10

Since then, as Apple is screwing their technique draconian copyright free listen to music has become a hundred times more difficult – streaming services either uncomfortable, or paid, and any video – sharing sites is difficult. Appendix “Vkontakte”, even now, when returned, the ability to listen to music – still not a panacea: the Internet may not catch the Shine that you are “online” is also not always desirable, and the caching of songs in the app until it works. In General, there are cons, and they can either accept, or try to eliminate. You can do this with BPlay.

First note that the authors of the program – not new to the business. Their arms have a popular app “Vkontakte Music”, about which once wrote MacDigger. So that developers know exactly what need to consumers.

And really – start using BPlay is very simple. You are downloading the program, then loginetas in “Vkontakte”. The app instantly highlights those tracks that you have added in the audio section. From here there are several exits, depending on what purpose you have come. You can simply turn on a favorite song and not to bother – in BPlay not only is there a music player, and built 6-band equalizer with presets; if you like to get best sounding equipment is useful. In addition, BPlay is able to play music in the background, allowing you to use the app as a full-fledged player. Do not forget about other details: the tracks can be arranged in the order that you like and tie them to the cover, for example, texts. Or send a favorite song to friends or to “hang” it on the wall. The result – a very good functionality.

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But don’t forget about the second plus BPlay – ability to download songs. The advantages of this function it is possible to list indefinitely, but you yourself understand – does not require an Internet connection; play music everywhere, including in the open field; there will be no tears and “stuttering”. Downloaded songs are allowed to stuff neatly in folders – like the smartphones of yesteryear. It is convenient: one place place tracks for fitness, another for walking, in the third – party.

Interface – a weak place of many “informal” musical utilities reconciled in BPlay to the ideal. All the buttons are exactly where it should be; you will instantly understand the navigation, and then will be with your eyes closed chase works. IPhone 7 and iOS 10 also can not worry – the program fully supports the latest iOS version.

A single point – the app is completely free. They won’t charge you a penny – no under download nor on any other level. All free, and the only thing you will have to pay is disabling pop-UPS, advertising banners, which, however, do not strain.

What we have in the end. A multifunctional music application that allows you not only to run your favorite tracks from the wall “Vkontakte”, but also to keep them. The program with embedded player, with the ability to stretch songs into folders and edit their EQ. Easy to navigate, and free. It seems that nothing more is necessary.

Download BPlay for iPhone and iPad at this link.

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