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Boxing LenzO for iPhone 7 lets you shoot at depths of up to 100 m [video]

For lovers of extreme tourism company ValsTech developed the diehard security messaging app Boxing LenzO, compatible with smartphones iPhone last generation. This is the first on the market waterproof case for iPhone 7, able to withsta nd extreme depths.

The box is made of aluminum and has a rubberized insert that reduces the risk of damage of the device from bumps and drops. Thanks to the tightness of the cover placed inside the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus may be immersed in water to a depth of 100 meters. Protection accessory complies with the specifications of IPx8.

Waterproof case LenzO, unlike its more simple counterparts, not in a compact and stylish design. But in this case we are talking about reliability, here the new product has no equal. the iPhone is placed inside by opening solid door. Inside provides shock-absorbing padding that provides impact resistance. In this case, the phone retains the basic functions, as well as access to the Home button. For convenience there is a strap that allows you to hang this accessory on your wrist.

The creators LenzO has provided physical buttons, which allow you to use the camera under water to take pictures, shoot videos, browse the gallery and filters. In addition, the box has two fixing points of the tripod. Accessory with iPhone inside has positive buoyancy.

Fundraising on the issue LenzO is on the website Kickstarter. The first buyers of the product will cost $230, and in total, the manufacturer intends to collect at least $60 000. If he succeeds, the shipment accessories is expected to start in April. Later LenzO should appear in retail for about $400.

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