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Bought the iPhone in Russia – get a two year warranty, or silent about what Apple

All buyers of the iPhone and Mac in Russia have got used that the warranty is valid for one year. In fact, it is not so: the owner of the smartphone Apple in this country deserves another year warranty. This fact drew the attention of The geek.

Under Russian law implemented throughout the country, products are provided with warranty for two years. This, in particular, article 19, paragraph 5:

“In cases where under the contract the warranty period is less than two years and the defects discovered by the consumer after a warranty period, but within two years, the consumer has the right to present to the seller (manufacturer) the demands provided by article 18 of this Law, if he proves that the defects arose prior to its transfer to the consumer or for reasons arisen prior to this moment.”

Of course Apple complies with the law of the Russian Federation. Information about this can be found on the special page.

Thus, the warranty on iPhone is valid for two years without any additional costs (in the stores often impose additional guarantee), all claims sent to the vendor, i.e. the shop where you purchased the iPhone. So if the smartphone was a failure due to factory defects, feel free to take a gadget, check and carry it into the authorized service.

It is necessary to take into account that many service centers can mislead the consumer. In such cases it is recommended to call Apple technical support and report this incident.

You should note that these guarantees are met for the official certified devices (PCT).

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Report of two years starts from the date of purchase of the device, and not from the date of its activation. So if you have purchased an iPhone or iPad marked with Rostest, you need to know that the warranty is 2 years.

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