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Bought the iPhone – I sold the Motherland: Russia has proposed to restrict the sale of Apple technology in response to new US sanctions

Bureau of industry and security (BIS) of the U.S. Department of Commerce contributed to the sanctions list another 11 Russian companies. These include electronics manufacturers of “Micron” and “Angstrem” and “Angstrem-T” and “Angstrem-M”. In response, the experts proposed to introduce a limit of sales in the Russian market of Apple.

Restrictions from the United States will be in “the introduction of additional requirements for the licensing and restriction of access to most license exceptions for exports, re-export, or transfer within the country”. The U.S. Department of Commerce explained the making of these 11 companies to the list the fact that they work in the Russian arms sector or related sectors of logistics”.

“As Russia’s counter-sanctions could be considered a limitation of sales on the Russian market or a sharp increase in fees) for electronic equipment, Apple, Cisco, HP and other American it giants. First, for example, and without this gets the profits for their elite products amid a multitude of cheaper alternatives – the columnists of “Time electronics”. — Besides, the reason for the counter-sanctions may be the presence of loopholes in hardware Apple and Cisco (reported repeatedly), which can be applied to the detriment of our country and its citizens.”

Anti-Russian sanctions from the EU, USA and some other countries was introduced in 2014 due to the deterioration of the situation in the South-East of Ukraine and Crimea in structure of Russia. Measures affected the energy, defense and financial sectors. According to the notification, Bureau of industry and security, US Department of Commerce decided to include in their own sanctions list of the 81 company and the 86 names. 75 of them relate to Russia, seven to specifically to Crimea, which the Americans called “the Crimean region of Ukraine”, two to Hong Kong and India.

In Russia not for the first time propose to limit the sale of Apple technology in response to the actions of the US authorities. Earlier it was suggested that purchasing the iPhone, the Russians “increase the economic power of America.” Experts believe that Apple should impose the same sanctions on Swiss cheese and Finnish butter.

“My heart is in pieces from what our country’s leadership has imposed sanctions in respect of the aforementioned giant. Well, we lived one year without Swiss cheese, and Finnish butter. All right…, ” writes columnist Siapress Sergei Glinsky. Really painful to watch is the fact that our compatriots are buying this as a rabid American product, further increasing the economic power of America.”

Outraged Sergei and officials with iPhone: “it drives me crazy when I come to the appointment with the officer, and he has on the table are these two brand new iPhone worth 60 000 rubles. And the question is: for this we pay money from the state budget, officials have invested the money in the American economy”.

Summed up Glinsky rebuke of the Russians in the pseudo-patriotism: “Excited speech about patriotism, Yes, shake your fist, and then they beat their Breasts, — as much as necessary, and to abandon the enemy of products even in small things can’t.”

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