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BottleBattle – check the head for strength!

What other game is rewarded with a powerful scandal even before the release. The more – mobile. Especially Russian. Applications usually go quietly or not go – but nobody knows about it. BottleBattle suffered a different fate: first it’s just not allowed in the App Store, the official Commission from Apple. The owners of the market were afraid that the people playing the BottleBattle, will… beat yourself over the head with a bottle. And, you know, anything can happen. All.

BottleBattle begins with a promising introduction – from a certain bum out of money, and debts, on the contrary, increased. Bum right in the Messager agrees with the familiar Bandos – Don the Bottom – about way of earning money. Everything is simple – you just have to dress nicer, but to break myself on the head a couple of hundred thousand bottles. The fragments will be happy to don, and you get out of debt. The plan, as no twist, perfect without a single flaw. Never thinking the main character is taken for its execution – that is, you.

Actually, this simple action built the whole game: you in speed mode, beat the head of the bottle. The guy waved his glass about his head, just tap on the screen; the shrapnel is going to fly immediately. Sometimes you land a tight vessel, and the need to tap several times to reduce the speed and, as a consequence, the final result. In the end the timer is still out, and the game will calculate how much you “earned” pieces.

Of course, there are nuances. Regular bottles not only fill up a purse, and duration – which is not true, for example, the Molotov cocktails. There is another point. Instead of the bottle you can call yourself a sharp Mace – the game will end immediately; fair. As a result, you should not just violently hit finger on the screen (and head), but watch that right now fall into the hands. Here everything is serious: opens the space for strategic planning and almost pilachowski the pangs of choice. At least, two options: hope for the best and to peel, that is urine, praying that tastes like Mace. Or carefully scrutinize each shell to determine the presence of spikes around the base – but in this case, reduced overall speed.

The money goes not only to pay the debt, but on different pleasant things. In particular, there is a whole wardrobe: you can buy for his lyrical wife-drunk and imposing a cap-hooliganism. In addition to an unprecedented sense of aesthetic satisfaction, you will receive a great bonus to the final coin and playing time. Tellingly, the best outfit for such a profession, the suit of the President and bickelheim Wilhelm, king of Prussia. Priodevshis, don’t forget to change the background in the background – in my experience say that it is best to chop the glass, sitting in the kitchen or a space ship.

BottleBattle is, of course, the game is a joke: the theme, the wardrobe and some items are already talking about a satirical tone, the selected authors. But the joke funny and stupid – not all the time to drive serious as a heart attack, shooters and strategy; and sometimes you have to relax. Preferably, without breaking yourself (and others) head.

The game is free, inside is possible to buy something with real money, but you must have realized that this action is more Advisory in nature – you can do well without the donation.

With the release of the game developers BottleBattle launched the contest. Terms are as follows: in the game hidden 3 Easter eggs, the first player to find all 3 Easter eggs and send the code on email will receive a free iPhone 7 directly from the official Apple store. The conditions of the competition can be found in the official development team

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