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Bose was accused of espionage for wireless headphones and speakers

In a new lawsuit against Bose argues that it is spying on users of their wireless headphones. The company monitors music, podcasts and other audio recordings that they listen, and then sells this data to third parties.

The lawsuit alleges that Bose is spying on users through service Bose Connect. The application is used by clients to connect the headphone to devices, managing software updates, etc. the Company recommends that you install this application to “achieve high quality sound.” During the registration the application requests the e-mail address, name and serial number of the headphones.

The complaint was filed by an American named Kyle Zach in Federal court in Chicago. He accused the manufacturer of neglecting privacy and demanded damages of several million dollars. According to Zak, Bose collects information from the user’s smartphone and sends it to the service, which is known that may collect personal information from people and “send them anywhere”. Thus, Bose can sell information about their users and use it for marketing research.

The lawsuit concerns a headphone and speaker company, including models QuietControl 30, SoundLink Around-Ear II, SoundLink Color II, SoundSport and SoundSport Wireless Pulse Wireless. The case aims to stop the collection of data on the basis of the law.

This is quite a big accusation against Bose, whose products are widely known and considered one of the best on the market. The company has not yet commented on the lawsuit filed against her.

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