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Boost case for 12-inch MacBook will solve the problem with the lack of connectors

One of the main claims to the latest laptops — the presence of only USB ports. Yes, this interface allows, through adapters to connect almost anything. However, the industry has not proposed any necessary adapters, and those that are on the market cost a lot of money. The company MOGICS presented an original solution to the problem.

On crashbandicoot site Kickstarter has successfully launched the project of the case for 12-inch MacBook. A device called a Boost is a durable case with a set of additional connectors. One of the two parts comprising the product, is fixed on the bottom of the MacBook, the other on the upper, which protects the laptop from damage.

At the bottom part Boost has several ports. So, instead of a single USB-C the owner of the accessory receives USB 2.0, microHDMI, USB 3.0, a slot for SD and microSD cards and USB C. in this case provides its own battery capacity of 6600 mAh. This allows you to extend the battery life without recharging. The design of the gadget provides the ability to charge other devices.

Users Kickstarter enthusiast met the original new. Instead of the $15 000 required to issue cover for MacBook, in one day raised almost $16 000.

Leave the order at Boost you can on the official page of the project at a price of $130.

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