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BodyGuardz Pure tempered glass 2 AlumiTech will protect the screen of iPhone

Protective film is useful and even necessary accessory for smartphones and tablets. It will protect the screen from damage and scratches. And a few months of operation to return the iPhone the perfect look will only need to replace it. The company BodyGuardz has introduced protective glasses new generation BodyGuardz Pure 2 AlumiTech, which are characterized by enhanced durability.

At BodyGuardz Pure 2 AlumiTech use tempered glass Corning Glass 2 Accessory. It can boast a high optical transparency while maintaining high sensitivity touch screen. In addition to the advantages of the new items manufacturer considers additional protection against the appearance of fingerprints and scratches. The lash thickness is 0.33 mm.

Through the use of tempered glass front panel iPhone safely protected in the fall of the apparatus. The advantage of BodyGuardz Pure 2 AlumiTech is that the accessory protects the display not only from dirt and scratches, but from bumps. Protection is achieved through the multilayer structure glass, allowing to distribute the impact energy over a greater area, thereby decreasing the risk of screen damage.

The first model BodyGuardz Pure 2 AlumiTech for different iPhone models appear on the market in the fall. The accessory will be released in two versions — with grease repellent and anti-reflective coating.

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