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BlueStacks App Player lets you run any Android app on your Mac [video]

Start-up BlueStacks, became famous for the creation of an environment to run Android apps on Windows operating system, continues to delight the public: the company has announced the final version of your solution, BlueStacks App Player, executing in the environment of OS X. alpha version of the product was presented in 2012 during a conference of developers Google I/O.

Software virtualization works on the basis Layercake technology. Executive Director BlueStacks Rosen Sharma said that his company developers worked to create a seamless environment in the execution of Android applications on your Mac. Their technology offers tight integration with Android OS-X —combines file system, network settings, notifications.

Sharma hoped that the step will encourage programmers to create Android applications that are compatible with the Retina resolution and is able to work on the Mac platform.

BlueStacks lets you run Android apps in separate Windows and make labels for them. Also supports the ability to run a full Android environment on your Mac. Third-party apps built using standard Android does not require recompilation and can be executed directly in BlueStacks. Users can install Android programs even with the Amazon Android Appstore and run them in the environment of OS X. to See this work FOR you on the demo video.

By the way, the Windows version of the BlueStacks after the announcement has been downloaded 1 million times in just 9 days. The company notes that the carry-Android apps on Mac does traditionally closed ecosystem Apple is more open.

Download the final version of BlueStacks for OS X from the official website.

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