Bloomberg: Apple will introduce the first ARM processor for Mac at WWDC 2020

Bloomberg: Apple will introduce the first ARM processor for Mac at WWDC 2020

Less than two weeks are left before WWDC 2020, and new information about upcoming company announcements continues to appear. Bloomberg said that at the conference for developers will show the first Apple ARM-processor for Mac computers.

Will the new computer also be shown?

No, the first computer with a “mobile” processor will be shown only next year. They are announcing the processor and will announce the transition from Intel to their own chips, so that developers can adapt their applications to the new platform.

According to Bloomberg, will present a 12-core processor, built on a 5-nm process technology. The processor will be more powerful and energy efficient than the 10th generation Intel Core processors that are now installed in the new MacBook Air and Pro.

Which computer will receive the ARM processor first?

The most logical looks MacBook Air with ARM, because in the current line it is the most compact, lightweight and not the most powerful Apple laptop. Switching to ARM will only increase battery life, which will make the ultrabook even more attractive to customers.

Well-known analyst Min-Chi Kuo has repeatedly stated that Apple is working on several computers on ARM at once:


In 2021, Apple will introduce several Macs on ARM-processors

Kostya Baranov

March 27, 2020

We can say that this is the third major computer update regarding processors: in the early 1990s, the company abandoned Motorola processors in favor of PowerPC, and in 2005 Steve Jobs announced a partnership with Intel. A new era is coming! Announcement of your own ARM-processor for PC can be the cherished part of "One more thing …".

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