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Blogger tested all generation iPhone waterproof [video]

During the presentation of its smartphone Apple does not reveal their level of water resistance. This gap has decided to fill the author’s YouTube channel Zack of Strala, decided to check the resistance of all models “Apple” smartphones.

The new goal was to conduct the most ambitious in the history of the test. In the experiment attended all versions of Apple devices starting from iPhone 2G, which debuted in 2007 and ending with the latest iPhone 6s is only 10 units.

Before Firing experiment showed that all devices are in working condition and running on the iPhone stopwatch shows how much time each phone can survive in water before disconnecting.

Fastest, not surprisingly, failed the original iPhone 2G. After that, sequentially passed out and other smart phones. The longest lasted two models — iPhone 3G and iPhone 5s.

As for the iPhone 6s, he passed out surprisingly very fast. In the previous experiment the Line with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus was shown that both devices without any consequences are under water within the hour. During a test of the blogger several times took smartphones out of the water to verify proper operation. Camera, 3D Touch, the Home button — everything worked without any changes.


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