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Blogger “pumped” base model iMac 5K, saving almost $2000 [video]

iMac you cannot upgrade? Tell that to the blogger Quinn Nelson, who upgraded the base model 5K iMac for $1799, received a computer that is easy to “beat” the most expensive version of the iMac for $5299.

Of course, it’s quite risky. In particular, the upgrade of the processor and the flash memory involves the retrieval display, speaker, motherboard, and other components of the iMac. The same applies to 2.5-inch SSD-drive 2 TB, which Nelson set in the base model iMac.

According to Quinn, the training video on custom iMac it took a few weeks, but a large part of that time was waiting for parts and wrote the script. An upgrade itself took only hours. It was easier to just install memory — Apple conveniently placed on the rear panel of the iMac.

Custom top iMac performance iMac from Apple

It is important to understand that the GPU the base model iMac is inferior to the performance of the GPU in the top-end version of the iMac 5K. Therefore, when it comes to performance in graphics, the most expensive iMac is still ahead. However, the new iMac is equipped with Thunderbolt 3, so in the future to the monobloc can connect an external graphics processor.

Despite the complexity of the process, it’s impressive that it can “pump” the normal version of the iMac. Of course, it will have to buy a new CPU, RAM, SSD all this Nelson Quinn spent $3471. Nevertheless, he saved $1848, receiving a more powerful machine than what Apple offers in the maximum configuration.

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