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Block exact copy of the bracelet for the Apple Watch sell on Amazon 7 times cheaper than the original

In September of this year, six weeks after the start of sales Apple Watch, Apple has expanded the range of online store is block for bracelet wearable on the wrist of the product. Users can order the accessory for a smart watch in silver color and space black. For a branded accessory Apple is asking 300 39 47 rubles and 300 rubles, respectively. While in the online store Amazon is exhibited an exact copy of the “Apple” products for the price of 7 times below the original.

Link bracelet company HappyCell made from the same 316L stainless steel as the body of the Apple Watch, and consists of over 100 parts. Also, like Apple bracelet special clasp butterfly accessory HappyCell Link is formed inside of the strap. The advantage of Apple product is that some of the plates he had fitted with a special locking mechanism that allows you to remove them or add to them without special tools.

To calculate the copy block bracelet from Apple HappyCell can only be prepared by the user. And the Apple Watch have to remove. Six internal sections of the original model on each side of the “butterflies” are of particular fixing elements. On Link they are not, therefore, to adapt the strap to the individual’s wrist with the included tool.

But this disadvantage is easily compensated by the cost of the accessory. Ordered this bracelet on Amazon, you can save about 30 000 rubles.

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