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Blizzard announced the addition of the “Big tournament” for Hearthstone [video]

Blizzard announced the addition of the “Big tournament” for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Gamers will get access to 132 new cards, including a lot of spells, weapons and creatures, including pirates, ogres, dragons, murlocs, and many others.

The popular card game Hearthstone from Blizzard will have a major Supplement called “Big tournament”. In August there will be new playing cards, including weapons, spells and even some popular heroes of Azeroth.

“Big tournament is a friendly competition where you can have fun. And this is a great opportunity for the greatest heroes to demonstrate their skills in front of the delighted audience. Each character has a certain inner strength that helps him to overcome all obstacles on the way to a long-awaited triumph. Now the power of heroes will rise!”

The addition will take participants on an icy Northrend, where the greatest warriors are going to fight the undead. Also among the new products – the ability to “Inspiration”, which each character can manifest itself in many ways. So some can use the power multiple times in one turn.

As in the case of “Goblins and dwarves”, the new cards will be sold in the form of kits that can be purchased with earned gold or real money. Their cost will not differ from the prices on your existing outfits.

Already this week, players can pre-order 50 sets of cards in a new set. On PC and Android will have to pay 2 500 rubles, and on iOS 2 990 rubles. As always, I prefer to play on iPhone and iPad, nothing prevents to make a purchase from your computer. For pre-order players will get a unique knight shirt for cards.

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Blizzard also announced that after the release of “Grand tournament” as a reward for completing the Arena players will not give a set of cards “Goblins and dwarves”, as it was before, and the random set. Either classic or some of the two additions.

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