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BLIPS: miniature macro lens with 100 × magnification for any smartphone [video]

Any user of smartphones, which often makes takes pictures periodically think about macro photography. The main problem of most modern gadgets is the fact that to create such personnel must hold the device very close to the object. In most cases, the user will not get the desired result.

One option is to install the lens on the rear part of the smartphone, but such decisions often have large sizes. On Kickstarter appeared a project of original BLIPS, offering a very compact solution able to provide high-quality shooting in macro mode.

Lenses BLIPS quickly attached to the main camera lens and also conveniently removable. Device to improve shooting from the side like a tab. These bookmarks have two colors – each means the magnification.

Green – “normal” macro lens. He brings the image 10 times, which is comparable with the capabilities of Amateur microscope. Optimum operating position 13 mm from the sample. Blue lens more powerful. It can help to achieve a hundredfold increase and to even consider the cell (the scale roughly 1/275 mm). Working distance to the subject should be 6.4 mm.

Macro lenses BLIPS can be attached to any smartphones and tablets, but the developers recommend that the resolution of the camera was at least 5 megapixels. In order to make it easier to share photos created a mobile app for iOS and Android.

At the moment the project has collected already 5 times more than necessary for the launch of new products into production, despite the fact that there is still 33 days. Delivery devices will begin in August at a price of about 20 euros.

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  1. im interested to buy or purchase the blip strap for smartphone , to assist me with portability fearures in my upcoming thesis , kindly send me prices and means of payment or acquisition

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