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Blank: a new messenger in which messages appear instantly on the letters [video]

The Russian released a new messenger Blank, which allows you to see the message of the interlocutor before sending it. The app became available for download on the iPhone after two months of testing.

Users Blank instead of labels like “texting…” see in real time as the source of gaining and adjusts the message. Some time later the letters disappear from the screen, as if the interlocutor had pronounced them aloud. According to the developers, so users can feel the effect of being live. “Thus, changing the perception of information, and you understand each other perfectly”, – explained in the company.

“The bottom line is that you see everything that your interlocutor wants you to say, instantly,” – said the developers of the service. With Blank man don’t need to send a message — the recipient begins to see what he wrote, immediately, without delay. Users can understand each other perfectly, guessing the meaning of the phrase before it is reprinted.

The team believe that the application will be in demand, for example, among users of Dating sites and apps, it can be useful for sharing a very urgent news (like the decisive goal, or the collapse of the shares).

While to communicate with each other can only iPhone users. About the plans to develop versions for desktop and other platform, is not known. Nevertheless, given the ubiquity of Apple gadgets, traditional messengers definitely have to move.

Download “messenger real-time can Blank for free at this link.

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