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Blame for the loss of personal communications of employees of the FBI, the US President laid on a Samsung

Donald trump believes that Samsung Corporation involved in the loss of the emails of former employees of special services Peter Strzok and Lisa Paige.

The publication the Hill reported that due to technical problems on several Samsung smartphones 5 the secret service failed to preserve the personal letters page, and Stroke.

On Twitter, the President was indignant: “Where 50,000 important text messages between lovers with the FBI, Lisa Paige and Peter Strzok? Samsung Wine!”

Earlier Fox News reported that the completion of the race in the FBI and the U.S. justice Department may have established a “secret organization” aimed against trump, which also involved Paige and Strtok. As said by Trey gowdy and John Ratcliff, of the Congress, this information was in the correspondence between Robert Muller, received the status of special Prosecutor “in the case of Russia”, and the above listed Agency employees.

Paige and Strtok worked together under the Muller in the investigation of the possible influence of Russia on the results of the American elections. During the election campaign in 2015-2016 agents together called Donald trump an idiot. When these conversations learned Prosecutor, Paige has not worked in the Bureau, and Stroke was suspended from work.

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